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Post-Production & Editing

We will take your raw recordings and turn them into a polished podcast. We'll cut the raw audio, clean up background and room noise, remove long pauses, and filler words, remove om’s and um’s, balance the volume levels of different speakers, add music and sound effects for extra flair, and seamlessly splice together different segments to create a smooth and engaging listening experience.

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The Post-Production Package includes:

  • ✓ Edit of your audio track
  • ✓ Clean up the background noise
  • ✓ Balance the volume levels
  • ✓ Cut off everything that doesn’t belong to the track (om’s, um’s, slip of the tongue, long pauses, etc.)
  • ✓ Add jingles and sound effects

How It Works

1. Record

2. Upload

3. Review

4. Revise

5. Publish


The cover art and jingle of your podcast are the first things people will see and hear when browsing for new podcasts to subscribe to. We'll craft your podcast's brand identity—both visual and auditory—in a way that will not only engage listeners but also positively impact the perceived value of your brand.

Trailer Episode

This is a teaser of your podcast! It’s a great tool for promoting your podcast, not only before launching your first episode. Introduce yourself, tell the listeners what will be your podcast about, the schedule of the episodes, and encourage them to already follow your podcast. Let us help you with the creation of this important episode.

Launch Package

Creating your podcast from zero? From branding (including the creation of your visual identity and jingle) to episode idea generation, we will also guide you through the recording process and ensure a seamless experience. We'll help you select the right equipment, choose the best recording location, and provide tips on how to deliver great audio.

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The Launch Package Includes:

  • ✓ A launch planning session
  • ✓ Creation of your jingle (= intro + outro)
  • ✓ Creation of your visual identity (= podcast banner)
  • ✓ List of recommended podcast topics and topics for your first 10 episodes
  • ✓ Podcast hosting setup
  • ✓ Podcast trailer

Show Notes

These are written summaries or descriptions of the episode's content. Show notes include key points, highlights, timestamps, links to resources mentioned, and additional information related to the episode.


Transcription is the spoken content of an episode converted into written text. Do you need one? Well, it has many benefits. For example, search engines can index the text, making the podcast more discoverable to people searching for specific topics or keywords.

A transcript also makes the content of your podcast accessible to individuals with hearing impairments or those who prefer reading over listening.

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What are the AOLI turnover times?

We will deliver your epsiodes within 3 business days of receiving your files.

How many revisions do I get?

We offer unlimited revisions until you're satisfied with how the episode sounds.

Do you offer services in any other language than English?

Yes, we also speak Czech.